Cyber Security Services


Technical Assessments

At the core of your company is a reliance on technical solutions. These require proper implementation, maintenance, and management. North Green Security offer a range of technical assessments aimed at identifying any weaknesses that could lead to a potential security incident.

Vulnerability Scanning

  • As networks grow and become more complex it is important to gain an understanding of vulnerabilities and risks across an entire estate.
  • Vulnerability scanning is a key activity that provides breadth of visibility of known issues and misconfigurations.

Infrastructure Assessment

  • The underlying infrastructure used to support communication is the backbone of a company. However as networks grow and new services are added the risk of compromise increases.
  • Using a range of automated and manual testing techniques North Green Security are able to identify potential vulnerabilities within an environment and understand the potential impact by demonstrably exploiting weaknesses and compromising systems.

Web Application Assessment

  • As applications increase in complexity the potential vulnerabilities increase. It is important to ensure that the underlying technology has been configured securely and that logical workflows and functions have been coded securely.
  • By taking a user-centric view of an application, North Green Security can understand the intended actions of users and adapt the approach as needed to identify potential vulnerabilities that cannot be identified by automated tools.
  • Consultants will map applications to ensure that there is a full understanding of the attack surface and analyse communication to identify avenues of attack.

Mobile Application Assessment

  • A more mobile workforce requires more mobile applications. As solutions that were previously purely web applications port their offerings to mobile devices it is important to make sure that security does not take a back seat.
  • North Green Security conduct both static and dynamic analysis of iOS and Android applications to identify potential vulnerabilities and attack paths that can compromise data stored on the device as well as on a server.

Wireless Assessment

  • Wireless networks lack the physical protections that cabled environments benefit from. As such it is common for company networks to extend far beyond the physical boundaries of an office.
  • North Green Security’s wireless testing methodology focusses on ensuring that appropriate encryption standards are used to protect data as it traverses the network while also ensuring that any access control or network segregation has been sufficiently implemented.

Scenario Based Testing*

  • Testing can be broken down into its subset of activities from testing applications, to network communications, and configuration reviews however for companies that want to gain a realistic understanding of whether high value systems and data are at risk North Green Security conduct Scenario based testing.

*Scenario based testing replicates real world attacks by leveraging multiple skillsets and attack methods into one engagement. By providing this skillset outside of traditional “Red Team” engagements, consultants are able to demonstrate how attackers will spread through a network to reach a goal without spending excessive amounts of time focusing on avoiding detection.


Security Consultancy

Not all solutions are technical, North Green Security recognises that policies, procedures and awareness play a large part of the security of a company. The only way to understand the risks faced by a company is to take a wider look than a specific solution or system. Our consultancy service will work with internal teams to understand and reduce the risks companies face.

Vulnerability Management

  • Identifying vulnerabilities is the first step to improving security but managing vulnerabilities is the journey all network teams are on.
  • North Green Security can work with internal teams to gain a better understanding of a client’s acceptable risk levels and provide advice and guidance on the prioritisation of remediation. This is achieved by identifying high risk systems that require a road map for management as well as providing insight into ease of exploitation that ensures the vulnerabilities most likely to be exploited are resolved first.

Social Engineering

  • The concept of humans being the weak link with regard to security is well understood. North Green Security will work with clients to understand their security risks and create custom social engineering scenarios to identify how aware staff are of security and their role in protecting systems and data.
  • It is key that social engineering scenarios are regarded as learning opportunities and that any findings are seen as weaknesses of the company rather than individual staff failings.

Purple Teaming

  • Penetration Testing can help identify vulnerabilities and misconfigurations that may be leveraged during an attack but how well are protective systems working?
  • North Green Security work with Blue Teams to conduct scenario based assessments that can be used to determine the maturity of defensive solutions and recommend steps to improve processes and software that is already in use.

Managed Cyber security Services

By utilising a managed service, companies are able to extend their capabilities in a flexible way. Our aim is to remove the complexity and cost of implementing these processes yourself and increase the efficiency of the resources you currently have.

Virtual Trainer

  • North Green Security’s Virtual Trainer offering was borne out of an understanding that the training and development of security consultants takes time and effort.
  • This program reduces the time and cost to get consultants to a competent, billable standard recognized by achieving a pass of the CHECK Team Member recognized exams.
  • The virtual trainer offering provides a blend of face to face training, practical tasks, online assessments, and trainer feedback to ensure candidates are introduced to topics, walked through the concepts, and understand material.