Cyber Training Overview


At our core, we believe that the only way to reduce the risks of cyber-attacks to both businesses and individuals is through education. Over the past 5 years our consultants have created and delivered a range of training courses and awareness workshops that helped people increase their cyber security skillset and raise the level of understanding of cyber threats to company employees.

Our training team include National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) accredited assessors who work closely with standards and examination bodies such as The Cyber Scheme. This relationship ensures that we are able to ensure our courses are of the highest standards and that, where possible, courses are aligned to both industry and government requirements.

Employee Development

  • Staff are the life blood of any company and through continual development it is possible to improve from within by providing employees with the opportunity to learn.
  • Security Awareness Workshops provide staff who do not concern themselves with cyber security on a daily basis the chance to understand how security impacts them and how they can be better protected.
  • We have also worked with companies concerned about their technical security to upskill their developers, architects and administrators by delivering practitioner penetration testing courses to provide them with a better understanding of how attackers think and act.

Industry Transitioners

  • The cyber security skills gap has been highlighted as a potential risk for over 10 years and still represents a challenge for the industry. By looking outside of our industry, it is possible to benefit from different perspectives and ideas to achieve creative solutions to the current issues. If you have an interest in this industry but lack the skills required to jump into a job, we can help make sure that the knowledge, skills, and most importantly, support are provided for a transition into a role within “cyber”.
  • When working with industry transitioners it is important for us to have a firm understanding of baseline knowledge, at which point we are passionate about providing guidance for the next steps and the opportunity to help you realise your goals.

Academic Students

  • It is never too early to identify an interest and passion for a potential career or hobby. While currently academic institutions are becoming more well versed in cyber security, our team aim to provide assistance wherever possible to ensure that working professionals within academia understand cyber security and that students have the opportunity to explore and experiment.
  • By working with schools, colleges, and universities we are able to increase the value of the current curriculum by sharing our experience and teaching our skills.

“The “Pentest Practitioner” was exceptionally well put together, with high quality and easily digestible material. It was also delivered by an instructor with deep technical knowledge who could link all content and questions to real-life scenarios, which certainly helped understand the relevance to the material covered. It was pitched at the right level for an introductory course and gave candidates a solid foundation to attempt junior penetration testing certifications”

Jason Kalwa
Managing & Technical Director Salus Cyber

Cyber Training Options

Classroom Training

North Green Security provides training from Cheltenham venues that provide all the amenities conducive to candidate needs.

Different locations and venues can be used to meet a variety of different location and budgetary requirements.

On-site Training

For larger groups or companies looking to train a department, North Green Security are happy to discuss options to ensure training is delivered cost effectively. This can include tailor made packages that can be delivered from your site.

Training Pass

North Green Security offer a Training Pass solution that offers the best value for money when it comes to delivering multiple training opportunities for you or your team.

A training pass allows for the purchase of a bulk number of days of training at a discounted rate. These are then able to be redeemed against any of our training courses.

Online Training

A virtual learning platform that goes beyond basic video conferencing. We provide a virtual classroom environment that ensures higher levels of engagement through increased interactivity with the trainer, who can leverage live demos, polls, Q&A’s and breakout sessions to ensure topics are understood.